Banner Finishes
We do not use spray or stain, but allow the oil to penetrate deeply and hand-rub it between each coat to maximize the natural color, grain patterns and luster within. This finish allows the wood to "breathe" in your home as it once did in a forest.

For table tops we have recently added a final coat which gives added protection for dining, coffee, and occasional tables. This more durable finish is applied over the same base finish keeping the true colors of the wood and providing the ability for simple care and maintenance.

People are often indoctrinated with the fragility of wood. This is true of veneers where the actual surface is only 1/28 to 1/40 of an inch thick—sometimes thinner. Unless they are treated with care, their surface will be destroyed. Because of this fragility, a thick, heavy, "protective" coating, usually polished to an unnatural degree, must be applied. No weathering or improvement with age is possible. If this surface begins to deteriorate, it must be refinished. Good solid wood, with a penetrating oil finish, on the other hand, is a very different material—it is an actual surface and not merely a protective skin—allowing the piece to patina naturally, improving in quality throughout the years.