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Setting up a Design Appointment
Please call to make design appointments, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. We are closed Sunday and all major holidays.

What You Should Bring
1. The type and size of piece you desire
2. Size and shape of the room in which the piece will be placed (room plans with dimensions would be ideal)
3. Type or color of wood you prefer
4. Acceptable price range

Preliminary Sketch
If you are able to visit the compound for a face-to-face appointment with Mira, she will sketch concepts for your review and approval. One-third of the estimated price is required as a down payment at this time. This will get your job into the schedule and is non-refundable if the order is canceled!
Selecting the Wood
Based on the concepts, Mira personally selects several choices of wood that complete the design, for final client approval. This can also be done remotely if you are unable to visit or don't live in the Philadelphia area. If you would like to search for wood, we charge a minimum fee of $250 which will be applied to your order if you proceed with a project. Please understand that this process requires significant time and effort.

One-third of payment is requested four months prior to fabrication and final payment is requested at time of production. During the final stage our woodworkers and designers are fully engaged in the process from raw material to finished piece. Wood selection is finalized and shop drawings sent for approval.

When your one-of-a-kind piece is completed we will arrange delivery, with charges collect to your door. Pieces picked up in Pennsylvania are subject to a 6% Pennsylvania State Sales Tax. This is not only a piece of furniture, it is a piece of art requiring special care, so maintenance instructions will be provided. The final 40% is due two weeks prior to confirmation of shipping date, and a storage charge will be incurred for items waiting to ship longer than one month as our holding areas are very limited.